Recycling and Re-using at St Augustine’s Church

Here is some information about recycling that we recently added to the Eco Church page:

St Augustine’s is an environmentally friendly church and encourages recycling and re-using.
The church is open every day between 9 am and 5 pm.
Although milk cartons can now be put in the recycling bin with the tops on you can still
leave clean milk bottle tops in the box in the church porch. These are collected and sent
away in aid of charity. Please see details on the box.
St Augustine’s now has an account with Think – Inks, a company that recycles empty inkjet
printer cartridges and these can be placed in the labelled box on top of the cupboard in the
If you would like to pass on magazines that you have finished reading there is a “Magazine
Share” magazine rack under the long cupboard at the back of the church. Feel free to pick
up any magazine that interests you and return it to the box for someone else to borrow.
The church has an “Eco Table” in the church annexe where you can find pre-loved items of
all kinds for a small donation. The proceeds of the “Eco Table” are given to charities which
St Augustine’s supports. The annexe is open for the Anchor Coffee Shop on Tuesday
mornings. Why not enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake while you are browsing?