Oaklands House Group 2024-01-4: Judaic view of Adam

The Oaklands House Group meets on alternate Thursday evenings; we usually talk about the sermon from the previous Sunday. At our first meeting in 2024, however, we chose a different topic. Following something raised in an earlier meeting, Steve had researched about the Jewish understanding of Adam, the Judaic approach to judgement, and what Christians refer to as the “fall”. In particular, the development of that idea during the church’s history. Perhaps rashly, he agreed to give us an account of his findings! Which were totally fascinating and left us feeling that the Church Fathers have a lot to answer for.

The word cloud below is an attempt to summarise the discussion. In the days following the meeting, members were asked to note down about 20 words that we had made significant mention of, and to score on a scale -10 .. 10 (including 0) to what degree each word had positive or negative connotations. So, it might be community: 9; dogma: -6, etc. 

In the resulting word cloud, the subjective size of a word represents the number of times it was mentioned.

Positive/negative scores are coded in orientation, colour and transparency. Positives and zero are horizontal; negatives are vertical, -10 is orange, 0 is black, 10 is blue. Intermediate shades represent intermediate values. Because of the transparency setting, however, scores near 0 appear paler than very high or vey low scores. The average score is taken for words mentioned more than once.

We hope you enjoy looking at it.