Children & Young People

Children with crowns eating, with adults assisting

A celebration of the Queen’s birthday (which could explain the crowns),
one of many fun events organised for the children.

Our young people's activities are run by Emily, with the assistance of several other members of the congregation, but because of the precautions and restrictions brought about by the pandemic, a number of changes have had to be made.

We do, however, have FACT, Families And Children Together, starting at 3:00 pm on the second Sunday of each month, and the Worship for All communion service on the first Sunday of each month is also geared to participation by congregants of all ages. Just at present, however, we can offer only limited activities for our young people during the other Sunday morning services; toys are available for smaller children, but we must ask that the adult or adults that brought them remain with them for the duration of the service.

A source of reasonably up–to–date information about our activities for young people is available on Facebook, at Children's work at St Augustine's Church, Scaynes Hill.