Our Patterns of Worship

Our services at St Augustine’s are quite varied: each first Sunday of the month there is a quiet (said) communion service at 8:00am and each Sunday there is a Parish Eucharist at 10:00am. There is also a said eucharist at noon on the third Wednesday of each month. Our services are structured around the provisions set out in the Church of England’s Common Worship. Once a month, on the second Sunday of the month, there is an informal Family Fun Church at 3:30pm. Finally in our regular schedule we have evening services on the fourth Sunday of most months; these are called Kairos, and are described below.

We have pew Bibles which are Today’s New International Version. Most Sundays our hymns and songs are taken from the Songs of Fellowship hymnbooks, and are a mix of the older and the newer. Our singing is ordinarily accompanied by the church organ or piano.


Our most typical kind of service, normally taking place once or twice a week, is the Eucharist — known variously in different Christian traditions as Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper or the Mass. This has a tightly defined structure, so each member of the congregation will normally be given a service book upon entry to the church that will help those unfamiliar with the structure of the service to play their part in our worship.

On the first Sunday of each month we have an All Age Service at 10:00am, designed to be accessible to both the younger and the older members of the congregation. On the other Sundays, the 10:00am Parish Eucharist has a Children's Church paralleling it. Primary age children begin in church and then normally go to the annexe with their group leaders for their own Bible teaching. They return just after the offertory hymn. There is also an area in the annexe with toys, colouring materials, and at least one adult on duty, that serves as a crèche for pre–school children.

On Sundays at the 10:00am service a collection will normally be taken during the third hymn, the “offertory hymn”. Anyone who is willing and able to give money then may do so, but no–one is required or expected to give.

There is no one correct way to receive the bread and the wine. All those who have been baptized and are in good standing with their own churches are welcome to receive. Those who desire only a blessing will bow their heads — they may wish to bring one of our service books to the altar rail to distinguish themselves further from communicants. We have a policy of admitting children who have been baptized and who have received instruction to receive communion prior to confirmation.

Family Fun Church

This takes place on the second Sunday of each month (usually), and as its name suggests, it is designed to be especially suitable for families with children. It consists of activities, an informal service, and a children’s picnic tea.

Kairos Evening Services

Kairos is our monthly evening service. Its name comes from a Greek word for time, καιρός, that is often used in the New Testament to suggest a right, proper or favourable time, or God’s time rather than mankind’s time. The services have a contemporary flavour, sometimes with a small music group and a multi–media dimension. Do come along and take part, we would love to see as many people as possible.

Children in Particular

Everyone is very welcome to attend any service. That said, it is likely that children would get more out of our all–age activities, such as Family Fun Church, which are geared to allow participation by even the very young, and out of the Children’s Church, than they would get out of the more formal eucharists at eight o’clock on Sundays. Parents of very young children should not be too concerned about the noise they may make; we are used to vocal children, and we don’t mind them at all. We always try to make parents and children welcome here.