Welcome to St Augustine’s Church in Scaynes Hill

This is the website of the parish church of Saint Augustine of Canterbury in the village of Scaynes Hill in West Sussex.

Photograph of the church as viewed from Church Road, Scaynes Hill

St. Augustine’s viewed
from the east

We are part of the network of Church of England parishes that belong to the Diocese of Chichester. Our church has been here in the heart of the village since 1858 but although many things have changed over the years, there is still a community of people here worshipping God and serving this wonderful village.

Who are we at St Augustine’s? We are just a group of ordinary people. We come in all shapes and sizes, different ages and genders, with different personalities, interests, and occupations, some are retired, some working and some at school or college. We are at different stages in our faith journeys with many questions seeking answers and pondering the big conundrums of life. We do, however, have one special thing in common — we are all explorers who want to know more about God and what it means to love him, our neighbours and ourselves.

The Garden of Remembrance

The Churchʼs Garden of Remembrance

If you live in Scaynes Hill, you have probably met some of us. We have problems to face in our lives, just as often as people who don’t go to any church have problems — perhaps different problems, perhaps the same problems. We believe that, as Christians, we have help in facing those problems, but that doesn’t mean that we do not have them.

One thing we are not is people who believe that we are better or holier than others. If we really were as holy as all that, why should we need to go to Church? Much more importantly, we believe that God so loved the world that he sent his son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross. If God values human beings, us, and you, and the people around us, that much, who are we to disagree with him?

We are well known for our open and inclusive attitudes and love to welcome people to our weekly coffee shop, events and services. At the moment, we offer in-person worship on a Sunday and Thursday morning as well as a live streamed service on Sundays for people who prefer to watch from home. Here is the link if you would like to see our YouTube page. We often have new events or one-off services and activities planned, so keep looking though our website to see what is coming up.

Come and meet us.

You may find what we have found, a living — and loving — relationship with God through Jesus… and other people who can share that journey of discovery with you.

I hope to meet you soon…

Beverley aka “Rev Bev”.

Telephone 07786 924 942 or 01444 216 876, e-mail revbev.sash@gmail.com

For further information, please select the appropriate links from the site navigation menu. If you want to know what we do, or are at all interested in coming to one (or more!) of our services, you may find the Visitors link a good place to start. To learn when our church services take place, choose Service Times from the navigation menu, and to learn what these services are, choose How We Worship. For information about the history of the church, pick the Building link. Our tapestry is important enough to have a link to itself. The Scaynes Hill menu item will lead to an external page page about the village of Scaynes Hill. We also have a Facebook page, for those that use that social medium.

Although the measures taken to reduce the risks from Covid-19 are currently being stepped down, we are not back to what we used to regard as normal conditions. We again have services in our church building, though with some restrictions still in place, such as the need to wear masks and maintain a metre distance from people outside one's own bubble. For further information, please see our updated Worship page.