Who’s Who in Church

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We have a Vicar, Beverley, two Churchwardens, David and Kelvin, two Lay Readers, Gaynor and Steve, and two Authorised Lay Ministers, Maria and Jenny.

Plenty of other people are involved in the life of the church, and may in due course get their pictures put up on this web site. Amongst them are Debbie, the church secretary and administrator, who edits the newsletter, Phil the safeguarding officer, the members of the pastoral care team, and the members of the parochial church council, including Jamie the treasurer. Some of these people can be contacted by e-mail, and we hope to increase the number who can be e-mailed as time goes by.

But of course, everyone, every member of the congregation, and every visitor who comes to the church and worships with us, is an important part of the St Augustine’s Church family. If you are looking for a church in the Scaynes Hill area, or are perhaps just looking to understand more about Christianity, you would be very welcome to join our family!