Links to Other Websites

Here are some links to external websites that we hope may be of interest, but over the content of which we have no control. They are arranged in loosely thematic sections, to enable each to be reached more easily.

The list may be amended or augmented as time goes by.

Types of Link

The Worln–Wide Anglican Communion

The Church of England

Diocese of Chichester

Ecumenical Christian Organisations

Learning about Christianity

  • — information about Jesus and Christianity
  • What it means to be an Anglican Christian
  • The Alpha Course, providing a structured introduction to Christianity for those who are interested in learning more about it, or a refresher for those who are more familiar with it — wherever you are, there is probably one running near you!

Prayer resources

The links in the following table are from the Daily Prayer pages of the official website of the Church of England, and offer Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer according to the the usages of Common Worship or the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), and Night Prayer in traditional or contemporary language.

Online Bibles

  • Bible Study Tools Advanced Search — more than twenty searchable English–language versions of the Bible, and a few in other European languages
  • Bible Gateway — more than twenty searchable English–language versions of the Bible, and plenty in other languages
  • Oremus Bible Browser — a simpler website, with the New Revised Standard Version and the Authorised Version, plus three liturgical psalters (the Psalms for reading aloud in worship)

Social Justice and the Church in Society

Links to other organisations