Home Groups

In addition to meeting in the church building, we have also had home groups, gathering generally in the homes of members of the congregation, to study a topic or a book of the Bible, to pray together, and for fellowship. The pandemic has affected these as it has affected all of our other gatherings, and currently only one home group is operating, the one led and administered by Lis Gibson at White Cottage. We are optimistic that as life returns closer to something we can accept as normal, others will resume or start up.

White Cottage Home Group

This group ordinarily meets on Wednesday evenings twice a month, roughly every other Wednesday, as soon after the Community Choir meeting as is reasonable, which tends to be at about eight o'clock to a quarter past eight in the evening. There are occasional gaps, for example at Christmas, when the church is running a Lent course, in the summer holiday season (effectively August), and when Lis is unavailable to lead it.

The current course is based upon Philippians, and forthcoming meetings are planned to be as follow:

  • Wednesday 7th September: 8:15 pm: Stress-free Living (Phil 4:2‒9)
  • Wednesday 21st September: 8:15 pm: A Guide for Giving (Phil 4:10‒23)