Church Finances

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Much of the content of this set of pages is primarily for the benefit of current members of the congregation, although visitors may find the information about giving when attending services at St Augustine’s Church to be of some use. It is important to remember, however, that no-one should feel obliged to make a financial contribution to the work of the church, and this applies particularly to visitors.

Several of the documents available here are in portable document format, which can be read using, for example, the free Adobe Reader software, if they do not open automatically in your web browser.

Giving directly to the Church

In Church Services

For services under pandemic conditions, there are two ways of giving to the church if you are attending it for worship. There will be an offertory plate by the entrance, as you arrive in the building, and there will be an electronic card reader in the annexe, which you can use as you leave.

Under normal conditions, when there are no pandemic-related restrictions, a (purely voluntary) collection is taken during most services. Using the envelopes on the pews for the Collection allows the Church to reclaim Gift Aid from donations by UK tax payers. However, this only works if we use the correct envelope. Yellow envelopes can be used by anyone, but blue envelopes can only be used by those who have signed a gift aid declaration. Remember to fill in all the details — the blank ones that have been used didn’t allow Gift Aid to be reclaimed! Alternatively you can give by Standing Order — but please complete a Gift Aid declaration too!

Web-based Giving

For general donations to the church, it is now possible to use an online donation page. This is available at:

Regular Giving through a Bank

There is downloadable standing order request form that you can print off, complete, and pass on to your bank, if this would be more convenient for you than putting money in the collection during services, and also a separate downloadable gift aid declaration for taxpayers who give money to the church, which can be printed off, completed, and passed to the Church Treasurer.


Thanks to Kelvin Booth, we have an opportunity to raise funds for the church whilst shopping on the internet. You can read all about here.