Maria and Jenny, the Authorised Lay Ministers

Lucy and Maria at Chichester Cathedral

Maria (on the right) with Lucy, at Chichester Cathedral
for Maria’s Authorisation Service on Saturday 11th January 2020.

Jenny and Jamie at Chichester Cathedral

Jenny (on the left — but you had guessed that) with Jamie, at Chichester Cathedral
for Jenny’s Authorisation Service on Saturday 8th January 2022.

Authorised Lay Ministers share in the public ministry of their local church as they serve their parishes. Their ministry takes on many different forms — family and youth work, worship leading, chaplaincy, preaching, pastoral, community, etc. — but in general they will lead, establish or work within a team of people working in an area of ministry. Training for this ministry lasts a year and requires a DBS check and training to C2 level of safeguarding.

Maria trained in Community Care, which covers all aspects of looking after and integrating with our community, and she is now the co-ordinator for our wonderful pastoral care team.

Maria has a certificate in pet bereavement support and is a St John’s Ambulance trained mental health first aider.

Jenny has joined Maria as our second Authorised Lay Minister.

Jenny’s training was with a pastoral elective, and her role includes working with the pastoral team to use music creatively, supporting the work of the ministry team with prayer and music, and composing music and hymns in response to pastoral needs.